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"Volume" Lash Extension Training

Turn it up a few Notches

Take it to the next level and learn all about the volume lashing technique where a 3-5 lash extension fan is taught to be placed on a single natural eyelash.

Perfect for students looking to advance their skills and offer longer, fuller sets to their clients.


• Sanitation
• Curls and diameters
• Mapping
• Directional placement
• Fan making
• Refills
• Infections
• Allergic reactions
• Lash set up
• Taping methods
• Isolation
• Placing methods
• Pick up techniques
• Retention
• Aftercare
• Removals
• Consent forms
• Lighting & photography
• Social media
• Marketing
• Pricing


Live Demo of a "Volume" Eyelash Extension application for a look + learn experience w/ Q+A


$550 | 4 HR $125 deposit is required to secure your 1-on-1 training spot.
$425 Remaining Balance due @ end of training.

Must have certification in Classic Lash Training before taking Volume course.


Bottom Lash Lesson | $100

Live Model | $200


1. Lash Kit with Mannequin Head
2. Ongoing Support + Mentorship
3. The Latest Lash Techniques
4. Volume Lash Training Manual
5. Volume Lash Extension Certification